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I Caught My Cheating Wife With a Cell Phone Finder

My wife and I *had been* married for four years -- we had our problems, but they never seemed that bad. That was until I found out my wife had been cheating on me for a year…

I didn't put it together for a long, long time, my wife -- ex-wife -- is a smart woman. But the pieces fell together after a few strange situations. First, she started getting phone calls at about bar close, she said it was her girlfriends just being drunks and not thinking. But I swore I heard a man's voice one of those times. Once when she got one of those calls, I grabbed her phone from the nightstand when she went back to sleep. The phone number listing said 'Miranda.'

I was at ease for about a day when we went out to eat. As soon as we walked in the door, she lit up and walked to the bar to talk to some guy. I stood there like a dolt and watched him stare at her.

When I asked her who it was, she said "Oh, that's just Mike from work." But ten minutes later at the dinner table she got a text. I asked who that was and she said Miranda, but I could see the dude she called Mike looking over with a cell phone.

I thought about calling the 'Miranda' number, but figured that would be an easy way to get caught snooping -- I needed something big. I went online to find out who this Mike guy was, and sure enough I typed in his first and last name -- which I got by calling his work. Sure enough, his cell phone number matched that of 'Miranda.'

I talked with my lawyer friend and had the divorce papers and a bag of her clothes packed when she came home from "hanging out with Miranda." You should have seen the look on her face; it was almost worth feeling like a cuckold for a few months.