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Reconnect With Old Friends, Find A Cell Phone Number

If you're like most people you remember a great old friend from school or work. Maybe life got in the way and you've lost touch -- it happens all the time. But if you're sitting around wondering what they're up to, or reminiscing on the good times you had, maybe you should just give them a call.

It's easier said than done, it's true, but it's not impossible to reconnect with old friends or coworkers.

First things first, you should look through those old numbers or the old cell phone sitting in your drawer. Second, the phone book, maybe they just live down the street -- you never know. Third Google, if they have a Facebook, MySpace or other social media account, you can just ask them how they're doing.

But if all that fails -- and as people become wiser to internet crime it will get even harder -- you can still find someone's phone number with one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Public records have always been sought as current, validated sources of personal information. Any time someone comes in contact with the government, they leave a record -- more like a stack of records. And those records are available to anyone. People hoping to find public records used to need to take a trip to the courthouse, or send request by mail. Either way, the results took weeks to come. Now, however, those public records go straight to the internet.

New laws have made it easy for anyone with an internet connection to find public records fast and easy. It's the same services that were once available only to private investigators or law enforcement.

Now all you need is name, you can find someone's cell phone with a name in moments, not the weeks it once took to get public records.